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How Does Soul Retrieval Relate To Practical Psychology?

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” ~ Jesus Christ

People are not linked up with their Soul, as their personality is not being fully self-expressed, as the Soul is the bridge to Spirit. All therapies try to make people ‘whole’ by linking people with their Soul, whether it’s mental work bringing the person to their Soul or intuitive work, the Soul to the person as in Soul Retrieval.

The way dis-ease manifests:





Everything is energy, and the different vibration rates of energy are what distinguish ourselves and all manifestation of life around us. We are born with enough energy, what acupuncturists call ‘Inherent’ energy (energy ‘within’), to last us through life. It is said that a body has enough energy to power the national grid for a city for a week. But along life’s path, we can become attached to significant traumatic events, or relationship difficulties that we end up giving our power away, or it can be taken from us. When the power leaves, it creates a ‘vacuum’ in our energy fields, a type of ‘aura leakage’, through which our own soul energy leaks away. This is called Soul Loss.

Soul Loss can happen at any time when we are traumatised, physically abused, suffer from accidents etc that a part of our soul energy splits off and leaves the body and physical world from shear shock, pain and discomfort as an act of healing and preservation, the result of which over time has detrimental effects shown up by any dissociation symptoms like depression, fears, phobias or addictions. At which point the soul energy part needs to be unified with the body again.

Retrieving the power and sense of ourselves, that we gave away or had been taken from us is called Soul Retrieval. And it is the Shaman’s job to seek and return the missing soul from the ‘Otherworld’ or what the Aborigines call the ‘Dreamtime’ where the soul has been trapped, allowing the client to move forward with their life now.

To understand how soul retrieval works, we need to understand the difference between ‘Western – Left brain’ and ‘Native – Right brain’ views.

Some Left Brain or Western Beliefs that lead to separation:

¨      Time is a straight line    Now  ——————–> Future

¨      God is separate from us .i.e. God in Heaven

¨      We are separate from Nature

Some Right Brain Native/Shamanic Beliefs:

¨      Time is in the here and now

¨      Time is a circle    (Medicine Wheel, Circle of Life)

¨      Space is a Dot

¨      Nature has Rhythms

¨      God is a part of us

¨      Everything is connected

Drumming/Rattling/Dancing/Chanting/Praying are rituals to access the ‘Higher Self’ by slowing the brain down. Drumming induces ‘Theta’ brain waves and therefore produces profound changes of awareness.

If reality is a subjective experience, which is the greater reality, the physical world or dreamtime?  What of the Past? Then that could only be a mistaken subjective experience.

If a traumatic event happened to a person many years ago, for that person it is still happening, as they are re-living it in their mind with all their senses. Therefore, the Shaman journeys outside of linear time to the place where that traumatic event is still happening, in another parallel world and find and bring back the soul to the person.

Praying to each of the four directions helps us to get centred by coming out of trance and into ‘Alpha’ energy before going into an altered state of consciousness.

Each of the four directions has special energy powers and is represented by an animal. The powers from the East are represented by the Eagle, the South by the Mouse or Coyote, the West by the Bear, and the North by the Buffalo. To call upon these powers, stand and face each of the directions starting with the East and honour and pray for the animal in each direction. This allows us to become balanced and centred in the Alpha healing mode. When we are centred, then we are ready to call the helpers or guides. The Shaman becomes like a hollow bone, an instrument for Spirit to enter to communicate the Creators Will on Earth.

The Soul is the bridge between Spirit and Body. And only when the physical body is complete or balanced, which takes a life time, can we truly allow Spirit into our Body.

We tend to only express ourselves, not from our gifts of who we really are, but from our lower selves, the emotional level. Our life’s work is to unify Body, Soul and then Spirit. The Soul is sometimes called the reflection of the Spirit, and the personality is called its shadow.

How old is a Soul? Since we are working at soul level, there is always a chance that the significant event happened in a past life before the trauma in this life. You can recognise old souls by their eyes which seem to be illuminated from within. Watch babies and children communicate telepathically through the light of their eyes. Babies pick up adult thoughts by what the adult is imagining .i.e. images or symbols. As we get older we loose that skill as we learn language.

Is a New Soul ever born? Yes, sometimes.

When does the Soul enter the Body? An age old question that nobody can answer truthfully. There are theories that the soul enters at conception, after conception, at birth or shortly after birth. If you believe in a Divine plan, then you may lean towards sometime before birth. But there’s no real need to dwell on such questions as it serves no purpose.

’til we meet again,

Walk in Peace;

Walk in Beauty.



Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony


Praying v’s Manifestation

The whole basis to Lynn McTaggat’s work is that everything is a constantly fluctuating mass of energy which all of creation exists from and it is our thoughts that influence this mass of energy which shapes our individual reality. And that God = Zero Point Field or Cosmos or The Source Or Mystery. Coming from this belief, it is hard to imagine that God is a person!
Therefore, God is only a label and not a male person. The only advantage to referring to God as a person is that it makes it easier to explain life in some way, in much the same way Native Americans refer to stones as the ‘stone people’ or the ‘tree people’, because everything has consciousness.
The main disadvantage of referring to God as a person though is that you set beliefs that God is up there in the sky which leads to beliefs of separateness between us, nature, the universe, and God, which the planet is now suffering as a result.
As we are all one with everything, then we are also rain. So you pray rain. If you pray for rain, then you are not accepting that rain is a part of you. This old way of praying rain is like visualising the rain and experiencing the essence and quality of the rain/water, this way you are sending out the water vibration and then celebrating that it rained, and because it was good for the whole or good intent it actually rains.
Now, suppose that you wanted to pray for Peace as you were angry at politicians or whoever, the prayers would have no effect because of the anger vibrations rippling out. Therefore, you take on inner peace then you are naturally sending out the Peace vibration.
If you want to pray for a person’s health, you try and stimulate that person’s own healing within, by imagining/visualising the person in good health. This would be a healthy prayer coming from peace, love, compassion etc.
What we’re doing is ordering our life in the best possible way. You attract by your own ability to attract and manifest. You can only do the above if you believe that you are a co-creator or part of God. Then you have a part of creating with all. Part God is part of the Whole.

I think what Gregg Braden has said is spot on about the book Secrets of The Lost Mode of Prayer, “allowing no room for the conscious filtered mind to take a hold. Praying rain helps you avoid one’s inner critic” I would call that similar to having a ‘personality’.
If you just pray to God in the hope that He will make things better, then He will either give you what you want or not depending if you have been good or not. Then praying becomes about trying to change God’s mind, as though he had a personality to change!
If you were to create not coming from, ‘for the good of everybody’ there would be a payback in Karma by dealing with the karma. Not because God judges whether it is right or wrong as God is the Cosmos and the Cosmos does not judge.
Only when you have trust in yourself, others and the trust in the universe’s plan will anyone have true Power and Wisdom.


‘Walk in Peace;

Walik in Beauty’


Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony


Easter Message: Christ Did Not Die For Sin

First, what do we all know about Easter? That Christ died for our sins and resurrected on the third day.

Let me propose this question:

If he didn’t die for our sins, then for what purpose did he die for?

The fact that we ask such a question, just goes to show how well the Vatican has kept all the original ancient scrolls from the public, that were written while Jesus was still alive, which would be nearer to the truth of Jesus’s teachings compared to other peoples interpretation written sixty years after Jesus’ death.

Take the Gospel of Thomas which was found in 1945 along with many other scrolls. Thomas was Jesus’ brother, but the Vatican wouldn’t want you to believe that Jesus had brothers and sisters like any other normal family. Thomas wrote down what Jesus actually said with no interpretations. What would be the motivation of the Vatican to keep us in the dark? Why does it take so long for gospels and 800 plus ancient scrolls to be published?

Answer: To fulfil and continue the belief system that Jesus died for our sins and that we continue to pay for our sins, by installing fear of punishment.

Not much freedom and choice in that!

It is completely nonsensical to depict God as revengeful who takes it out on his son!

As with most religious festivals, the giving of eggs at Easter is a pagan celebration symbolising the death of your old self and the rebirth of the new you. So what does that mean? It means letting go of our personality or ego, our attachment to our body and our emotions etc, and ascending to higher consciousness. We have a body, we have emotions but we should not be given by them, i.e. running our lives.

When you read the story of the events leading up to Jesus’ death, you’ll realise that he could have lived, but exercised non-attachment to his flesh and chose to die. According to the Gospel of Judas, Judas was a catalyst to Jesus fulfilling his purpose.

According to Judas, he says to Jesus that he had a dream that he does something to Jesus, but doesn’t know what, but would condem his name forever and this worries him. Jesus turns to Judas and says he MUST do the deed, when the situation arises, otherwise he (Jesus) cannot not fulfill his purpose.

Judas was pivotal to Jesus fulfilling his purpose on Earth.

It takes a very strong person to take the leap of faith to fulfil their purpose by choosing to die and to give up material, body, and over come our lower personality nature, and accept a higher will, and release our divine being that is within.

For Judas, that makes him a Saint, an unsung hero. But this is not how the Vatican has been depicting Judas or wants to. Jesus by ordering Judas to fulfill his part, means there was no sin, which means there would be no holy sacrament which means there would be no church serivce which means there would be no church!

And there lies the motivation to keep this sin myth and belief system going. The whole foundation of dogma Christianity would be shaken and would cease to exist in it’s current form! Pure Christianity would still flow. Ways of being ‘Love’ and ‘Peace’ with choice and Freedom.

We can still wish each other happy Easter though, as it doesn’t alter the fact that we rise.

Here’s to truth and Happy Easter!

‘Walk in Peace;

‘Walk in Beauty’



‘Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony’

Why we shouldn’t celebrate Osama Bin Ladin’s death?

We are One….deep down in our shadow self, there may be a part of us all that is part Osama.

If you believe in Oneness one can’t pick and choose which we’re one with and which one we’re not. Perhaps he reflected mans lack of ‘Brotherhood’. Either case, there’s little point in popping Champaign. One needs to go deeper in much the same way in Germany’s role in the ‘shadow of Europe’ twice!

Why does one need to mourn or celebrate? The only thing people should ask themselves is: How does this affect me? If Osama is a reflection of me (in some way), is there a part of me that is a bit fanatical? And if so, how can I neutralise it?

We can’t have Peace in the world until you have Peace within us first. People that celebrate the death are not seeing the whole picture the ‘complete change’ into the Compassionate Age.

Those that celebrate are coming from the old reactionary state are stuck in the old ideas of retribution, an eye for an eye, but that just makes people blind.

Jung said that (and he wasn’t the only one) only when there is nothing else you can do then you let go and let in the Higher energies. Let go meaning letting go of our personality Self to have it our way only. I’ll leave that for your own interpretation as to what he meant by Higher energies.

Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self Archives – Spirit Bear Coaching

Life Coaching: Do Clients That Suffer Really ‘Ask’ For it?


In my life coaching practice in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, when listening to clients’ stories, I listen not to the content of their story, but to the context and structure. How did they get into this situation/mess? Or, How do they do that (the issue)? Basic life coaching will simply work on those levels, which is fine. But, if one really listens, the client will also talk about how the issue ‘wounds’ them, but gets missed by the life coach or even by therapists.

On this deeper level, you can then ask how has the wound continued to pop up through out their lives way before the issue that they came to seek help for? Their life script! But when did this wound really start, could they somehow have brought the wound into this lifetime? Now, we’re really going even deeper to their core ‘wounding’. And deeper still, could we therefore all not only have chosen our wounding but also our parents before birth?

In a previous article I wrote about ‘Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?’ And is also worth reading to shed more light on the subject.

However, this is not readily accepted by the average person’s belief system of having to experience something to believe it, after all ‘seeing is believing’. Or is it? Can we really trust our perception of events if we project outwards, after generalising, distorting and deleting the information in our brains?

The subject raised is of course a vast one of the evolutionary expansion of the brain, and if you have not already read it I would suggest you read Deepak Chopra’s and Rudolph Tanzi’s ‘Super Brain’, 20012, for the relationship of mind, brain and consciousness. Another useful book is Llyn Roberts ‘Shaping Shifting Into Higher Consciousness’, 2010.

The first issue of choosing one’s parents before birth, I cannot do better than refer you to the incarnation process and soul counselling before conception as have been described by Mme Blazatsky, Alice Bailey, Phoebe Benedict and Eva Pierrakos and apparently depends upon:

1. The maturity of the incoming soul, and

2. The expectant parent with providing the needed life experiences for the fulfilment of the future life task of their child.

So here we come to people’s/client’s need to experience and their (non) belief system. I would first ask:

What is an experience for? The answer has been given, as ‘Every experience is a way to understand and move towards a greater awareness of our journey of inner growth towards Oneness.’ But no experience happens by chance and everything has higher purpose and meaning so the goal is out of separatism into wholeness. A Course In Miracles says, “The choice of the goal is mine, I chose the feelings I experience and I am responsible for what I see”(my reality).

So the problems and painful experiences I encounter through life are:

1. Inherited as part of my soul task, and

2. From my early conditioning and these wounds are named by at least three writers as: Rejection, Abandonment, Humiliation, Betrayal, and Injustice.

And my attitude towards life or belief system about the world is filtered through a mind-set of feelings, thoughts, ideas, and memories that effect my perceptions.

A Course In Miracles says, ‘The atonement (Oneness) might be equated with total escape from the Past and total lack of interest in the Future.’ Heaven is here, now. It is our one responsible to except this atonement. If our intention directs our development process towards healing, wholeness/home this is our life purpose and our unconscious mind will bring into consciousness outer life opportunities for growth.

To say you cannot believe in anything you have not experience is perhaps saying some experiences are too painful to face and victimhood is preferable to the responsibilities of empowerment.

I therefore suggest we all consider which type of wounding resonates with you the most and reflect on the mask you have chosen to wear to hide from the problems you have yet to solve.

These masks maybe of:

  1. Withdrawal,
  2. Dependence,
  3. Masochism (emotional/mental abuse),
  4. Control, or
  5. Rigidity/Denial

Ref: Lise Bourbeau ‘Heal Your Wounds and Find Your True Self’ 2001. 

I hope this addresses a small part of our questions. I like to go much deeper than your average life coach in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I’ve had too within my own life otherwise our stuff (wounds) will keep on resurfacing!

“In every work of genius, we recognize our own rejected thoughts; they come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


’til we meet again,

Walk in Beauty;
Walk in Peace.



Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Life Coach who has trained in a wide range of personal development treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’ which he passed with a ‘Commendation’. And is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) and is a Gold member of The Professional Guild of NLP.

Hopelessness Archives – Spirit Bear Coaching

How to Raise Resilient Children

At my daughter’s local primary school in Tunbridge Wells,  the Principal Head asked me to come for an hour one to one life coaching meeting with him to discuss how to build resilience in children. He had noticed over the last few year’s that the resilience in the children had deteriorated. He was concerned that many parents were putting their children under immense pressure to pass the 11 plus as we were in the grammar system area. Self harming was on the increase to 1 in 60 pupils at the school at about the age of ten, which is when the 11 plus is taken.

I was also invited to a parent forum to discuss resilience with the aim of possible content for a school booklet on the subject to help parents raise resilient children. The booklet is still an on going process. Listening to the parents complain to the Principal Head about why their child didn’t make the football team or the gymnastics team made me see how the backgrounds and negative beliefs of the parents is projected onto their children.

For example, if your son wasn’t selected for the football team and you realised that all of the selected boys birthdays were pre-christmas and your son is a post-christmas birthdate, it may well be that the six months difference in strength, speed and skill is big. But if you then tell your son this, will this empower him or give him the sense of ‘hopelessness’ and feel that it’s not worth trying? When perhaps, simply asking your son ‘So what are you going to do about it?’ allows him to take responsibility and teaches him to look for a solution for himself, rather than arguing with the school as a strategy to get your way, a model that your son would then learn from you, who then possibly becomes one of the unpleasant members in society who screams in playgrounds/parks/streets or later in the workplace as a means of getting what they want.

This got me thinking for a blog article.

One of the most difficult things a parent, guardian or teacher has to endure is watching the children they love struggle with change, adversity and loss. We can’t protect them from the realities of life, we realise in these helpless moments. But what we can do is raise our children to be resilient in such realities.

What Makes a Child Resilient

In the extensive “A Guide to Promoting Resilience in Children” by Edith H. Grotberg, Ph.D. of The International Resilience Project, children draw on 3 “sources of resilience”:

  • What and whom they HAVE around them for structure, safety and support. This includes trustworthy relationships, structure in their home, positive role models, encouragement toward autonomy, and access to the necessities of their health, education, security and welfare.
  • Who they ARE as a person that makes them safe and secure in their world. This includes feeling loved and lovable, developing compassion and empathy, pride in oneself, self-responsibility, and a positive attitude.
  • What they CAN do to affect their own safety and security. This includes skills in communication, problem solving, impulse control, dealing responsibly with emotions, measuring the emotional “temperature” of themselves and others, and seeking help from the right people at the right times.

Another way Dr. Grotberg describes these qualities is as: Love, Inner Strength, and Interpersonal Skills.

In order for a child to be as resilient as possible to all circumstances, all three of these sources of resilience — love, inner strength, and interpersonal skills — must be developed to their fullest. Children must have a support system on hand to go through their toughest (and brightest) experiences with them. Children must develop the qualities of being and self-awareness required for resilience (e.g. respect for others, self-responsibility, positive attitude, willingness to help). And children must be able and empowered to interact effectively with the world in which they live (e.g. talking about their problems, controlling their negative impulses, seeking help when needed).

The American Psychological Association lists “10 Tips for building resilience in children and teens” on their website filled with great common-sense advice that we often overlook, or forget how much it matters.

This includes:

  • creating a daily routine and sticking to it
  • promoting good hygiene and self-care
  • speaking openly and honestly about the inevitability of change
  • helping your child to build strong relationships and help other people


’til we meet again,

Walk in Beauty;
Walk in Peace.



Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Life Coach who has trained in a wide range of personal development treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’ which he passed with a ‘Commendation’. And is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) and is a Gold member of The Professional Guild of NLP.

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