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Working from Home Virtual Support & Virtual Coaching

During these unsettling times, the wellbeing and health of working from home is important to us. For many this is the first time working from home, which has its challenges.

It is probable that lockdown could last between 3-6 months and it’s unclear how we as employees will cope with this as time goes on.

At the root of panic buying food, toilet paper and medications etc is fear, which can show in other ways like getting angry easily, complaining frequently, which results in spreading and enrolling other colleagues/family into the fear. Frequently listening for Covid-19 updates from the radio and watching the News can do that as well and make us anxious. Unfortunately, talking to our managers or HR at this moment in time with all the huge business concerns going on, they or you may not have the time to deal with this right now.

Support Offered

  • To talk freely and confidentially now on the telephone/WhatsApp/Messenger/Skype/Zoom/Google Hangouts whatever works for you
  • Listening in a non-judgmental way and get things off your mind can help gain clarity and improve your psychological wellbeing


  • Qualified and very experienced coach to talk to
  • Clarity and ability to focus on your work and be more present to your family needs
  • To move from fear to learning to growth zone eg I keep a happy emotional state and spread hope
  • More present and able to focus better on the future
  • More available to those that need you
  • Able to adapt to new changes like working from home
  • More motivated for both work and making better wellbeing choices
  • Learn new structures and boundaries of how to work from home

As an independent qualified life, career and CBT (level 1) qualified coach I can help with the above.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your time this year. What a year – and
it’s only June 2020! Will be in the history books for sure.
I have appreciated your calm, assured and supportive approach to my
coaching, and good humour too. We started in person in an office
environment and the transition to Zoom calls in lockdown was seamless and
in many ways I got more from it personally, given I was in a relaxed home
I feel that with the work we have done together I have gained new
insights and increased my self awareness and I have things I can build on
and in the present moment, feel I’m living my best life (if that’s not
too strange to say in a pandemic!).
I particularly found the life and career visualisations after the exercises really useful
to help me get to this point and to firm up my insights from the
Thank you again and all good wishes to you.” ~ ND

Sessions will be up to an hour, but can be costed down to 30 mins. Please contact Johnathan at jbrooks@ and should be able to happen same day as enquiry.

How would the virtual coaching work?

Mondays to Saturdays – via video/telephone, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts at the pre-arranged time for the session. You don’t need an account with Zoom, as I would host it.

For more information click here to contact Johnathan now to arrange a free and friendly consultation.

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation within 24hrs of appointment carries a full payment charge for a single session.

Contact Details
Telephone: +44 (0) 7929 451 012
Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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