Christmas Message: Visions Of Hope

At Christmas time we light candles to hope and look forward expectantly for the rebirth of goodwill between all men. But then we read or hear the world news.

Christmas candles of Hope for the rebirth of goodwill between all men.
Christmas candles of Hope for the rebirth of goodwill between all men.

The visions of Christmastide show no signs of becoming reality in the New Year, rather, there seems to be an increase in divisiveness. But there is still hope.

Even while candles are still burning on our Trees of Life, and daylight hours are lengthening, the news of a new shadow of darkness, of deprivation, greed and hostility appears to be separating us further from some of our fellow men.

In earlier epochs it was understood by mankind that prosperous, peaceful communities were created by women using their intuitive wisdom and inspirations, while men, providing qualities of physical strength and focus could turn those inspirations into the practical realities of daily living. Both were necessary in the creation of meaning for authentic lives, but if one quality became devalued (as those of womanhood still are) then mankind could not prosper, and wars initiated by males seeking to demonstrate or prove the superiority of their strength and dogmatic ideas compared with the wider less fixed viewpoint of women ensued.

But now we are at the very beginning of a new 21 hundred year cycle of a new era – the Aquarian Age who sign is that of female nurturing water being poured onto a thirsty earth. In the culture of some First Nation Americans, understanding this ancient scenario, after years of infighting between some tribes (including my own Northern Cheyenne) The Great Law of Peace was written.

This is called the Iroquois Constitution (around 1142 AD), and the Chiefs declared that in future leaders of tribes will be decided upon by women, for two reasons:

The first was that only women could decide with detached selflessness that which was best for the tribe – men often being influenced by the power of their personal egos; and secondly, because women were the ones who suffered the greatest pain of giving birth and losing loved ones in battle only they were the ones who can decide if war was worth dying for.

Today we have to ask ourselves if the influence, of women is going sufficiently to bring the visions of Christmas closer to manifestation. Hopefully, the time is approaching when both men and women are able to demonstrate the qualities of both, and lead integrated whole lives, able to overcome the distortions in the heart and minds of our sick presently seemingly separated brethren.

’til we meet again,

Walk in Beauty;

Walk in Peace.


Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Life Coach who has trained in a wide range of personal development treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’ which he passed with a ‘Commendation’. And is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching (MAC), a Gold member of The Professional Guild of NLP and a full member of European and Mentoring Council (UK).

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Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

Though it is true that on a physical level that we didn’t choose our parents but in personal development we often say to clients who have issues with a parent that they did choose their parents on a spiritual level. And we choose them, and all our challenges, as our parents gave us the opportunity and environment to learn from in order for us to ‘grow’.

Therefore, you can see some sense in this but what about the five or six million who died in camps during WWII? Did they have a pre birth agreement with Hitler and cohorts to suffer so?

The answer is yes, plus the WWI as well. They are both linked to each other. Let me explain.

Those that died in the concentration camps, you could say that they offered themselves or better still, they co-operated to demonstrate what brotherliness could be like, to bring out compassion of other people. Just like other episodes in history like the slave trade for example.

Hitler and the Germans were only compassionate to themselves i.e. blondes and blue eyes, but if you’re compassionate to yourself then you must be also be compassionate to your neighbour as we are ONE.

The Germans acted out this way in order ‘to carry the shadow of Europe’ and possibly the world. It all came out. I’m sorry to say but it reflected and showed itself how cruel and aggressive we all are underneath as we are all as ONE!

The 1st and the 2nd World Wars highlighted this misunderstanding of the concept that we are ONE. The focus was on half are good and half were bad.

Carl Jung understood and wrote about this back in 1933 before the war started and Germany’s part in both wars in getting this message across. Unfortunately, history about why the Germans started a second war again is only focused on the surface economic reasons.

The wars have shown us an opportunity, a new way of looking at things, in a brotherly interactive way.

How well do you think we have learned this? When we look at the various wars still going on today, some you can’t even split genetically, they are brother killing brother.

And what are our or your pains that we have chosen, taking us?

Walk in Peace;

Walk in Beauty.



“You may or may not get what you want, but you’ll always get what you need.”

But what about those people in Africa? Many of them their basic needs for food, water etc are not met.

One has to take responsibility for everything one sees. The world is governed by greed. Humanity is trying to move out of greed (early stages at mo). If half the world wasn’t so greedy, then the other half would have enough. We need to restrict to what we actually ‘need’.

The African’s you could say are offering themselves as sacrifice so to give us a chance to develop compassion to the world. Good ‘Will’ to all men, but we don’t.

Now, it would be so easy for us to now go into self ‘guilt’ and donate money to various charities. What has happened in Africa is because of our ‘intention for living’.

There is no real need to be a millionaire. This is why often when you meet, for example internet entrepreneur gurus, say that they have never met a millionaire spiritualist. They simply don’t get it. The spiritualist’s focus and intention for living is just different and don’t want to cause harm to others.

However, as people are not enlightened people’s personalities want to be rich. In that case, setting up a business is fine without the intention of mass accumulation for the sake of it, but rather doing a Bill Gates and setting up foundations that puts the money accumulated to good use!

In this way you have abundance in all areas of your life.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal.” ~ Albert Pine

Until we meet again.

Walk in Peace;

Walk in Beauty.


Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Cognitive Behavioural Coach who has trained in a wide range of treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’.


Why we shouldn’t celebrate Osama Bin Ladin’s death?

We are One….deep down in our shadow self, there may be a part of us all that is part Osama.

If you believe in Oneness one can’t pick and choose which we’re one with and which one we’re not. Perhaps he reflected mans lack of ‘Brotherhood’. Either case, there’s little point in popping Champaign. One needs to go deeper in much the same way in Germany’s role in the ‘shadow of Europe’ twice!

Why does one need to mourn or celebrate? The only thing people should ask themselves is: How does this affect me? If Osama is a reflection of me (in some way), is there a part of me that is a bit fanatical? And if so, how can I neutralise it?

We can’t have Peace in the world until you have Peace within us first. People that celebrate the death are not seeing the whole picture the ‘complete change’ into the Compassionate Age.

Those that celebrate are coming from the old reactionary state are stuck in the old ideas of retribution, an eye for an eye, but that just makes people blind.

Jung said that (and he wasn’t the only one) only when there is nothing else you can do then you let go and let in the Higher energies. Let go meaning letting go of our personality Self to have it our way only. I’ll leave that for your own interpretation as to what he meant by Higher energies.