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A Special Christmas Message For 2013


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In a nutshell:

All manifested things have meaning. If our word cannot express the truth of what they mean, we may ignore their significance and lose out on life energy, love, enthusiasm and growth.

Is this what we are doing to ourselves?

How many of the Christmas cards that have fallen through your letterbox have pictures of trees and stars? A good proportion I imagine.

And yet, inspite of all these representations of the Tree of Life and Light, which we send once a year to remind ourselves that our lives and all life has meaning and purpose and needs renewing, many still say the true spirit of Christmas has been lost.

Perhaps it is not the spirit and meaning of Christmas we have so lately lost. Rather, it maybe our understanding of the international language of symbols, used universally from time immemorial that we have chosen to forget in our left brained world. When words become inadequate to encompass and express the full meaning of those deepest truths all men learn from life’s direct experiences, a symbol can give an immediate apprehension of a many-levelled wholeness of meaning that is shared.

As an example for today – at it’s highest meaning and universally, and evergreen tree can symbolise man’s undying spirit, or even immortality. Like all trees it also means shelter, nourishment and protection. At the lowest level, it can merely mean somewhere to hang our baubles. There are levels between these two. Can you enlarge on their meaningfulness for you, until you sense their inner truths?

Again – for some a star is just a star, a pin point of light – a mere irrelevance in their lives, but for others and for universal man it has always meant a portal to the heavens, and access to divine guidance and chance to grow into realms beyond the physical and into a greater understanding of the oneness of creation. How far does this apply to you?

Perhaps we should look more closely at our Christmas cards, as well as acts all life manifestations and search for the message they really carry. If we can recognise their truth and inner meaning we may become inspired with purposefulness on our journey towards next year’s Christmas season.

Unless of course, we prefer the status quo stasis.

Wishing you all a MERRY Christmas and may the New Year bring Love, Joy and Compassion to you.

’til we meet again,

Walk in Beauty;
Walk in Peace.



Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Life Coach who has trained in a wide range of personal development treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’ which he passed with a ‘Commendation’. And is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching (MAC) and is a Gold member of The Professional Guild of NLP.


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