Testimonial – Career Coaching

Time To Reflect On Our Work & Life Values

As we end 2020, now is a great time to think about our careers, since March 2020 (first lockdown) I’d say most of my coaching clients have been reflective; wondering which of their work/life values are really important and which were not so important, specifically reflecting on their priorities regarding family, career, purpose and health as a result of COVID-19 and perhaps a career change was needed. Below is a recent testimonial from a client that started as face-to-face before lockdown then transferred to Zoom for our virtual coaching sessions.

“I wanted to share some positive feedback about Johnathan and the service he provides with career coaching.

I really enjoyed my time with Johnathan as my career coach, he has lots of knowledge and experience, which is incredibly valuable and I have found very useful. The skills and techniques he uses are outside of the box and he encourages you to think differently or alternate your perspective. I think this is a really positive experience to bring to someone who may struggle with this from time to time. He made me realise my needs and wants in my work life and the best values and aspects about myself. He has boosted my confidence and given me lots of tools to use now and in the future and it is a very valuable experience which should be shared more widely.” ~ GD

So wherever you are in your search for a deeply satisfying and fulfilling career, the three keywords that I’ll bring to you are: Clarity, Purpose and Direction.

Walk in Peace;

Walk in Beauty

until we meet again…


BIO: Johnathan Brooks MA, PG Dip, MAC is an experienced Master Executive and Personal Coach with 1,800+ hrs in the field, who has trained in a wide range of personal development methods including CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming,  has a Postgraduate Diploma Degree in ‘Coaching and NLP’, which he passed with a ‘Commendation’, a Master of Arts in ‘Applied Coaching’ and certified Career Coach. He is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Bio Trivia: Johnathan is an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe and whose godfather was Yul Brynner who won an Oscar for the ‘King and I’ (1957).

He is a full member of the Association for Coaching (MAC), master member of the European and Mentoring Council (UK) and a professional member of the Association of NLP.

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