wp-content-uploads-2012-03-headshot2Everyday you can change, if you really wanted to change. You know everything deep down yourselves. The first step to change is resistance and then acceptance that this is the time to let go. The Coach’s job is simply to help draw out this innate self-healing power. The choice for help is always ours.

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Telephone: +44 (7) 929 451 012  Skype: j.brooks3 (FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom are possible). Zoom works best for Virtual Coaching. Click here to visit his FaceBook page to use Messenger.

Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Why Me – Spirit Bear Coaching

Johnathan Brooks MA, PG Dip, MAC is a Master Cognitive Behavioural Coach who has trained in a wide range of coaching methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad (level 1, University of West of England), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming), has a MA in ‘Applied Coaching’ from Derby University and a Postgraduate Diploma degree in ‘Coaching and NLP’, which he passed with a ‘Commendation’ from Kingston University. Is also a licensed Firework Career Coach.

Johnathan is a registered full member of the Association for Coaching UK (MAC), master coach member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council and professional member of The Association for NLP.

Benefits of my coaching At some point in all our lives we face challenges but just talking to family, friends or Doctors isn’t going to be enough or adequately dealt with, though they mean well. They will unknowingly, be biased with their own view of life and try and fix you.

There are times when you want to speak to someone who doesn’t know you or your background and can listen, empathise and guide you to find your own solutions. I am experienced and passionate about coaching as it’s a journey of adventure into the unknown. I ask questions that allow you to reflect on your life and as you do you can begin to see the world as it is without confused perceptions drawing out your inner greatness with clarity, without me projecting or judging.

There isn’t a one size fits all solution to people’s problems, and my coaching services are truly unique, having studied a wide variety of recognised counselling techniques, a combination of old and new thinking developments. Using a blend of NLP Coaching, EFT and CBT, we’ll get to the core of your thoughts, feelings, behaviour and bring out your true Self, identifying your life purpose and take actionable steps to making your goals and dreams a reality.

Some of my coaching programmes, are very structured with homework. And, sometimes it’s a less structured style, dependant on what’s going on with the client at that time.

My coaching philosophy is that I am simply a catalyst. I am not here to teach anything, as people already know it at a deeper level. I am simply here to remind people who they really are and draw out their own innate self healing.

I work with a variety of wellbeing issues including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, stress, lack of confidence, relationships, anger, career, life/work balance and life purpose.

Before making a commitment, ask yourself if you are ready to change? And remember, change doesn’t happen overnight.

I am known for coaching, the life coaches and mentoring those that want to become coaches.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and offer daytime, evening and Saturday morning appointments.

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Telephone: +44 (0) 7929 451 012
Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

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Full Member of Association of Coaching MAC (UK)

Member of European Mentoring & Coaching Council

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Wandering Spirit – One man’s journey back to his roots!

Wandering Spirit – One man’s journey back to his roots!


I was born a Native American then adopted in a hotel lobby in San Francisco where the mothers met, probably over a coffee as one does, there they made the exchange. My new adopted mother being Countess Barbara von Bismarck returned to Europe, as my adopted father Steve Brooks worked as a Hollywood Exec for Yul Brynner (actor) was based in the south of France, and she wanted to be nearer to her family but not too near!

I eventually found and met my birthparents August 1989 and eventually became a recognised enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe. The missing part of my life puzzle was complete.

The Adoption Agencies and ex-American Indian Movement members really don’t like my cross cultural adoption story. It’s now illegal to adopt Native Americans.

This was published in Spirit & Destiny national (UK) magazine November 2011.


PS:  I noticed in the article that it said that my adopted mother snapped at me when telling me that I was adopted. That wasn’t true.

This is how I found out: I was about 6 yrs old and I was sitting on the carpeted floor at home watching an old black/white cowboy & Indian film. It was a stage coach raid scene where the Indians were attacking the stage coach with lots of shootings going on etc. Then my mother came into the room.

I had always sensed that my mother never really liked me shooting (pretend guns), so I decided to push the boat out a bit this time and with a pretend gun by using two fingers, I fired shots with sound effects (bang, bang) at the TV. My mother knelt down to eye level and looked at the film that I was watching and calmly asked me “Who are you shooting?” I replied back “The baddies…look …there’s one there!” pointed and then let off another round from my pretend pistol.

Mother: “And who are the baddies?”

Me: “The Indians of course”

In the old western films the usual storylines depicted that the cowboys the goodies and the Indians the baddies. Clearly, I was on the side of the goodies being a normal child ;o) my shadow side would come later in life!

Mother: You really shouldn’t be shooting the Indians, because you’re one, you were adopted.”

The difference between an adult’s significant world like ‘how do I tell him he’s adopted’ and a child’s playful world is this: I vaguely remembering not caring that much that I was adopted, but if I couldn’t shoot the baddies because I was one and I couldn’t shoot the goodies, then who can I shoot?

Now what identity do you think I and my mother might have un-knowingly set me up for?

– Spirit Bear Coaching


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I found I was a Red Indian


RETURN TO NATIVE: Johnathan Brooks never forgot his roots

By jane bakowski

SOMETIMES truth seems stranger than fiction.

And when it comes to the story of Tunbridge Wells life coach Johnathan Brooks’s own life, it’s the stuff that films are made of.


Picture two women in a hotel lobby in San Francisco. The year is 1964 and one, a Native American called Betty, is handing over a newborn baby to an aristocratic-looking European woman.

The boy is called Troy, but when he joins the family of Countess Barbara von Bismarck-Schonhausen – the great-granddaughter of Germany’s “Iron Chancellor”, Otto von Bismarck – and her American husband, Hollywood publicist Steve Brooks, he becomes Johnathan Brooks.

“My new birth certificate showed the basic details, but the names of my natural parents were replaced by my adopted family,” said Mr Brooks, of Grecian Road.

“That’s how it was done, and my adopted parents knew hardly anything about my background.”

Fast forward ten years and the young boy is in Nice, celebrating his birthday at the home of his godfather, Hollywood legend Yul Brynner.

“They were friends – my father was the one who’d advised him to take the part in The Magnificent Seven. He drove me around in his open-topped white Mercedes, and each morning I would watch as his special flock of birds was released to perform acrobatics in the sky above. Actually, I won £50 last month on a premium bond he bought me.”

Eventually the globe-trotting family settled in London and by his early 20s, while working in California as a Hollywood driver, Mr Brooks was growing increasingly keen to discover his roots.

“I decided to go to the Cheyenne reservation in Montana where my parents came from,” he said.

“I only had basic information – I was practically running after every woman of the right age – but eventually I found out my natural mother’s name through two elderly aunts. When they saw me, they just looked at each other and said ‘That’s Troy’, it was extraordinary.”

Spin forward another three years and Mr Brooks is on an extraordinary American road trip, driving towards Montana with his natural mother by his side. They are on their way to meet a man called Eugene, his biological father.

Mr Brooks said: “He looked just like me, and as we sat around drinking and talking – it was the summer ‘pow-wow season’ – all kinds of family stories came out. I was used to relations in chilly castles in Germany, and they were telling me stories of a famous band of bank robbers who were my uncles!”

After enjoyable years when his distinctive looks won him plenty of work as an actor and model, Mr Brooks finally decided it was time to take stock. He qualified as a cognitive behavioural coach over a decade ago and set up his own life coaching practice, Spirit Bear, in which he brings together a wide range of treatments.

Now happily married with a small daughter of his own, he is quick to acknowledge that his own life story plays a vital part in his work.

“I used to wonder why my path followed that strange direction and I needed a lot of help myself to find out how things fitted into place,” he said. “I gradually learned that there is a purpose to it all, and I want to help make a difference to other people’s lives.”