What are you? A meditation exercise:

Sit somewhere quietly like in your room or in a church

It is important in this meditation that you do not try to arrive at an answer. Simply sit quietly, and note the sensations and then allow the attention to shift from the sensations to the question. What are you?

What are you?

Are you your body?
No, I am NOT my body.
I have a body, which changes,
So I am not my body,
I have a body.

Are you your feelings and emotions?
No, I am NOT my feelings and emotions.
I have feelings and emotions which constantly changes,
So I am NOT my feelings and emotions,
I have feelings and emotions.

Are you your mind?
No, I am NOT my mind.
I have a mind and I can change my mind,
So I am NOT my mind,
I have a mind.

What am I at Source?
What am I really?

(Brooks, 2006)