Introducing Spirit Bear Coaching

“Most men live lives of quiet desperation.”

~ Henry D. Thoreau

Introducing Spirit Bear Coaching:

A Path to Real, Sustained Happiness and Fulfillment With Johnathan ‘Spirit Bear’ Brooks

Dear Friend,

Think about Thoreau’s statement above. Just stop for 5 seconds and decide, in this present moment, if there is any possible way that these 7 profound words could apply to you?

Quiet desperation, or with a resigned sense of hopelessness is the way a great majority of people endure their daily lives, feeling helpless to change, or at best, unsure how to begin to make a change that is safe in their circumstances. So they hold back.

Meanwhile, the events of life pile up and put even more roadblocks to progress towards any kind of meaningful personal development. Resistance, guilt and fear act as chains holding us back from our true purpose in life…who we can really become…and the miracles we can achieve for ourselves, if only given the opportunity, and the courage, and the guidance.

Perhaps I can provide this guidance. I would like to help if you are willing to try?

I can supply the fuel you need to bring yourself the courage necessary to move forward.

Then opportunities can open up. Roadblocks can come down. And the clouds will part.

Come, look around this website and discover all that’s available to you.

Spirit Bear Coaching is about giving you the tools you require to make lasting changes in your life so that you can manifest abundance, bring forth your true self, and achieve the greatness within you.

Walk in Peace;
Walk in Beauty.


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Spirit Bear Coaching © 2006


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