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Thank you Lara!

A thank you to Lara Hentz for sharing my story:

“You may or may not get what you want, but you’ll always get what you need.”

But what about those people in Africa? Many of them their basic needs for food, water etc are not met.

One has to take responsibility for everything one sees. The world is governed by greed. Humanity is trying to move out of greed (early stages at mo). If half the world wasn’t so greedy, then the other half would have enough. We need to restrict to what we actually ‘need’.

The African’s you could say are offering themselves as sacrifice so to give us a chance to develop compassion to the world. Good ‘Will’ to all men, but we don’t.

Now, it would be so easy for us to now go into self ‘guilt’ and donate money to various charities. What has happened in Africa is because of our ‘intention for living’.

There is no real need to be a millionaire. This is why often when you meet, for example internet entrepreneur gurus, say that they have never met a millionaire spiritualist. They simply don’t get it. The spiritualist’s focus and intention for living is just different and don’t want to cause harm to others.

However, as people are not enlightened people’s personalities want to be rich. In that case, setting up a business is fine without the intention of mass accumulation for the sake of it, but rather doing a Bill Gates and setting up foundations that puts the money accumulated to good use!

In this way you have abundance in all areas of your life.

“What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world, remains and is immortal.” ~ Albert Pine

Until we meet again.

Walk in Peace;

Walk in Beauty.

Causing the Miraculous by Spreading Beauty, Truth & Harmony

Johnathan Brooks, MAC, PG Dip is a Cognitive Behavioural Coach who has trained in a wide range of treatment methods including the “Power Therapies” (CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (postgrad), EFT Emotional Freedom Technique, Master NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming) and has a Post Graduate Diploma in ‘Coaching and NLP’.

Happy New Year! New Soul!

Have a read of this poem, I’ve highlighted in bold the important bits to think about:

A SLEEP OF PRISONERS —  Christopher Fry

Dark and cold we may be, but this

Is no winter now. The frozen misery

Of centuries breaks, cracks, begins to move;

The thunder is the thunder of the floes,

The thaw, the flood, the upstart Spring.

Thank God our time is now when wrong

Comes up to face us everywhere,

Never to leave us till we take

The longest stride of soul we ever took.

Affairs are now soul size.

The enterprise

Is exploration into God.

Where are you making for? It takes

So many thousand years to wake,

But will you wake for pity’s sake!


You do believe in man’s evolution don’t you? Otherwise, man is stuck!

Currently, we come from our personality Self ‘Will’ it causes many problems and wrongs, and now we are in the time of facing all the wrongs until we develop into soul people acting from our Soul’s ‘Will’.

Our Soul is our exploration into God, or whtever word you prefer like cosmos etc. Man’s evolution is to change into a new kind of humanity.

As we come to the end of the Maylan calendar, many people have taken it to mean that it marks the end of the world. You could however say, it marks the end of the ‘old world’ or ‘old age’, as we enter the Aquarian Age, for the next 2,500 years. Then there will be new step for humanity to take.

In the old world/age it was the Piscean Age. A time when man thought it was right to act as the bible says. But this is very restrictive, think of your parents, grand-parents and Gt.Grand-parents.

The corner stone of Aquarian thinking is ‘free will’. The paradox is the more we behave in accordance with universal or spiritual laws, the free’er and more creative we become.

I tell you this because my Soul points in the direction of Aquarius, it is the way man is meant to evlove.

Walk in Peace;

Walk in Beauty

…and Happy New Year!


‘If You Meet The Buddha On The Road, Kill Him’

I love this saying! In a nut shell: The Buddha you meet is YOUR reality, and you have to go beyond that. You can’t put a personality onto ‘ultimate reality’. Your mind can only deal with things on a certain level and so the mind tries to make Buddha a person. We’re trying to go beyond that (the Void), you can’t put a word to ‘ultimate reality’. All our perceptions of reality is just an illusion, so you go beyond what you think enlightenment is, kill it and keep practicing meditation.

Wandering Spirit – One man’s journey back to his roots!

I was born a Native American then adopted in a hotel lobby in San Francisco where the mothers met, probably over a coffee as one does, there they made the exchange. My new adopted mother being Countess Barbara von Bismarck returned to Europe, as my adopted father Steve Brooks worked as a Hollywood Exec for Yul Brynner (actor) was based in the south of France, and she wanted to be nearer to her family but not too near!

I eventually found and met my birthparents August 1989 and eventually became a recognised enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne tribe. The missing part of my life puzzle was complete.

The Adoption Agencies and ex-American Indian Movement members really don’t like my cross cultural adoption story. It’s now illegal to adopt Native Americans.

This was published in Spirit & Destiny national (UK) magazine November 2011.


PS:  I noticed in the article that it said that my adopted mother snapped at me when telling me that I was adopted. That wasn’t true.

This is how I found out: I was about 6 yrs old and I was sitting on the carpeted floor at home watching an old black/white cowboy & Indian film. It was a stage coach raid scene where the Indians were attacking the stage coach with lots of shootings going on etc. Then my mother came into the room.

I had always sensed that my mother never really liked me shooting (pretend guns), so I decided to push the boat out a bit this time and with a pretend gun by using two fingers, I fired shots with sound effects (bang, bang) at the TV. My mother knelt down to eye level and looked at the film that I was watching and calmly asked me “Who are you shooting?” I replied back “The baddies…look …there’s one there!” pointed and then let off another round from my pretend pistol.

Mother: “And who are the baddies?” 
Me: “The Indians of course”

In the old western films the usual storylines depicted that the cowboys the goodies and the Indians the baddies. Clearly, I was on the side of the goodies being a normal child ;o) my shadow side would come later in life!

Mother: You really shouldn’t be shooting the Indians, because you’re one, you were adopted.”

The difference between an adult’s significant world like ‘how do I tell him he’s adopted’ and a child’s playful world is this: I vaguely remembering not caring that much that I was adopted, but if I couldn’t shoot the baddies because I was one and I couldn’t shoot the goodies, then who can I shoot?

Now what identity do you think I and my mother might have un-knowingly set me up for?

Nahavo prayer

May I walk with Beauty before me.
May I walk with Beauty behind me.
May I walk with Beauty above me.
May I walk with Beauty below me.
May I walk with Beauty all around me.
As I walk the Beauty way.

I’m setting my iPad at half-brightness today. RIP Steve Jobs

I’m setting my iPad at half-brightness today. RIP Steve Jobs

Daily Manifestation Quotes

A new update is now available on the app which now allows you to post your favourite quotes on your FB wall and I’ve added many more quotes so that you can have a daily quote!

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Daily Manifestation Quotes

Michael Bridge

When our eyes see our hands doing
the work of our hearts, the circle of
Creation is completed inside us,
the doors of our souls fly open and love
steps forth to heal everything in sight.

Destroy The Buildings In Your Minds, And Not Your Cities!

“If the young are not initiated into the village, they will burn it down just to feel its warmth” [African proverb]

Unfortunately, in our society there is no ‘initiation’ from boyhood to manhood. Even our young that go to university they are still ‘Taking’ and it still takes a few years before they ‘Give’ back, so they are already quite old compared to other societies. The rioter’s burn as it gives them a lift ‘cos of their lack of self-esteem. The looters are also stuck in ‘Taking’ they have not moved onto the ‘Giving’ level.

This is all a reflection of our society where our Government ‘Take’ power and our banks ‘Take’ money by amassing wealth, and we as individuals are doing the same. I would prefer people destroy the buildings in their minds but what would be interesting is how do we start a modern initiation practice to go from the Taker to the Giver who takes responsibility? Without painful practices of the past like Sun Dancing involving piercing or teenage circumcision.

How you judge the rioters/looters is a reflection of you. If you see them as an angry mob then unconsciously there is anger in you. The reason being is that we’re One with the Source, which is perfect including rioters/looters. So we have to take responsibility for what we project outwards. Peace from within spreading out.

“Sit, be still, and listen,

For you are drunk,

And we are at the edge of the roof.” —Rumi